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GUTS is a single program which provides the following GUI tools for Unreal® Tournament 2004 in Linux: a cache manager, a umod unpacker, a uz2 compressor/decompressor, and a dedicated server launcher.


GUTS Main Window (103 KB)

GUTS Cache Window (172 KB)

GUTS Compress Window (146 KB)

GUTS Server Window (167 KB)

GUTS UMod Window (136 KB)


GUTS 1.0 Beta (2005/11/28)  Mirrors

This software is still in beta status, as it still needs a little polishing. All of the main features are currently fully functional at this point. Enjoy!


GUTS is developed by myself, Jeffrey Bakker. I've been developing open source software for both Windows® and Linux since 2001. Some (but not all) of my works include:

UMark - A benchmarking tool for Unreal® Tournament 2004, with the ability to submit scores online.

Evil Unreal Mods - Various additions to the video game, Unreal® Tournament 2004.

Webcpp - Converts source code into syntax highlighted HTML; supports over 30 programming languages.

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